Intensive German Courses

  • LGK intensive language courses are perfect if you want to learn German successfully and efficiently.
  • LGK offers intensive courses from level A1 to level C1 in order to prepare you in a short time for your study or your job.
  • In small groups of an average size of eight participants (a maximum of 12 students), and the focus is on the four language skills (listening comprehension, reading, writing and speaking).
  • You can join our courses any time after doing the placement test
  • You have to pass the test being held after every level in order to be permitted to continue to the next level of training.
  • The levels and the examinations are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • LGK courses take place regular and systematically every 2 months. . This enables you to move swiftly from one level to the next.
  • High language competency of the participants in the shortest time (120 hours per level in 8 weeks)
  • Our German courses are focused on practical learning for the real world. Sign up now and see how you can improve your German skills and have great fun doing it.
  • There is also the recommendations of the well-known Goethe Institute, to whom we added our own views based on many years of experience, creating a curriculum that offers as much flexibility as possible.
  • Comprehensive understanding and practical application of what has been learned