What are LGK office hours?

Our institute is open from Saturday to Thursday from 5:30 to 10:30 pm.

Where do the language courses take place?

The language courses take place at the TDI Institute in Hawally. Upon consultation with the LGK team, e.g. private lessons in some cases may take place at your home.

Are there any language courses for absolute beginners?

Yes, certainly! You can book a language course with us as an absolute beginner

How old do I have to be to participate in a language course?

Our normal language courses are recommended for participants aged 14 or older. For young people aged between 10 and 17 years old, we recommend our language courses for Kides.

 How do I book a course?

You can book your course either by using our online booking form, or contacting the Admissions team. We recommend you begin booking a course approximately 2 weeks in advance, so as to avoid disappointment. Please note, however, that we do not have always availability. Especially at the end of June, in July and August, our summer courses are often fully booked. To be on the safe side, book the course a few weeks in advance.

 How do I pay for a course?

Online you can pay for your courses with K-NET or credit card. If you want to get to know our institute in person, you are also welcome to visit our LGK office in Hawally. Here you have the option to pay your course in cash, by K-NET or by credit card.

Are there any extra costs involved?

In addition to your course you only have to get the course books, these cost up to B1 20 KD, from B2 35.00 KD. LGK has no hidden costs for registration, copies, water or participation confirmations.

What services are included in the course fee?

The price includes the lesson, the replacement-test by the teacher, the language course, copies and other materials used by teachers (except the course and workbook) and your certificate of participation, which you get at the end of the course.

 Which books are used in our courses?

We work with different books. The names of the books will be announced on the first day of the course. These are modern and very well-structured books. Our participants are very satisfied with our curriculum. On the first day of the course you can buy the book from us in the office and pay in cash.

How do I know my level?

You are welcome to make a non-binding placement test online or on site. In addition, you have the opportunity to attend a free trial lesson where the language teacher can test and assess their level.

What should I do if the course times do not fit into my schedule?

Your time is limited? No problem! LGK offers courses every two months. We will certainly find a course that fits to your schedule. Even if your plans change in a running course, you can easily switch to a different course time, depending on the availability of free seats in your level.

How many students are assigned to each language course?

We try to keep our group courses as small as possible, so that our teachers have time to deal individually with each participant. Even for the participants themselves, the smaller groups are more enjoyable, as more effective learning is possible. As a result, the course participants progress faster and achieve their desired level of learning in a short time. Depending on the type of language course, the maximum number of students per course ranges between 8 and 12 participants.

How long does a level take?

Each level lasts about 8 weeks in the intensive German course, which corresponds to about 120 lessons. If you inform us well before the start of the course, we can also arrange shorter terms of 5 to 6 weeks for you. Maybe our individual lessons German will fit better with your schedule.

How long does a lesson take?

One lesson (teaching hour) lasts 45 minutes.

Who is my teacher?

Expect high qualified teachers with many years of practical experience, new friendly rooms, high quality equipment. At the earliest one week before the start of the course we know which teacher is teaching your course.

Please note: your teacher does not always take over your follow-up course.

Will I receive a certificate after the end of the language course?

After the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance from the LGK team with your achieved language level. However, you will not receive the confirmation of participation until you have attended at least 75% of the lessons.

Does LGK carry out language tests?

Of course! We offer the worldwide recognized Goethe examinations in our institute. They are held three times a year and you have to be a participant in LGK to participate in our tests.

If you still want some training before your big day, you can also visit our exam preparation course. Our brilliant teachers for these courses are experienced with the Goethe exams.

Is there a public holiday?

Our institute remains closed on the holidays.

Are there any events at LGK?

Every 3-4 weeks we will meet for a gathering in our institute. In addition, we will host film nights and readings in the foreseeable future.

Where can I park my car?

It is best to park in the public car park in front of the building, just 20 meters from our institute. Other nearby parking spaces can be found in the underground car park.